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Electrophoresis coating aluminium profile

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Custom Hardware for Aluminum Windows and doors Manufacturer

Specialists in hardware for aluminum windows and doors design and manufacture - Factories in China

Anhui Shengxin aluminium manufacturer was established in 2003. It's an import and export enterprises with production, research and development, domestic and foreign sales. We produce and develop the door and window accessories, including roller, handle, lock, corner, hinge, rubber strip, brush strip and any other accessories. We have been dedicated to providing cost-effective and high-quality accessories to the door and window One-stop purchase in the worldwide. Our products are exported to South America, North America, Russia, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, India and other 30 countries and regions in the world.

If you have any demand for aluminum hardware accessories, please send your inquiry to sales@sxalu.com

-Your business relationship with us will be kept confidential from any third party.
-Provide good after-sales service, if you have any questions, we'll come back as soon as possible.

-We firmly believe that Shengxin is your most loyal and trusted cooperation partner on the road to success.

Hinges are a distinctive part of all opening systems,the main of which is their load capacity.
Usually hinges have a cylindrical shape and are available in most popular colours of powder coating and anodising.A key characteristic is their certification for durability and corossion resistance.

Locks provide security and functionality to systems. In the aluminium industry, the term "lock" is mainly used for doors and sliding systems. In tilt & turn and lift & slide systems the "locks" are known as "mechanisms".
Roller locks can be used for easy access from the outside without the need of a key.

The handles are the only single point of touch with the aluminium system. The handle gives life to the rest of the system accessories, which provide its functionality. Thus, the handle is a very important part of the system.
According to the application, handles are divided in window, door and lift&slide types.
The handles are available in all popular colors in powder coating and anodising. Also, special colours are available upon request.

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